Life in the Space Lane


Who am I?  I’m a warrior, a merchant, a lone she-wolf.  I ply my trade across the vast reaches of New Eden: hauling this, mining for that, plotting and scheming and mapping out my destiny.  I work mostly on the edge of Caldari space, just a few short jumps from Gallente territory.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hold a grudge againt those cheese-eating hedonist playboys: hell, my financier is a Gallente.  I’d do him.

I run with a crew who I’m not going to name, but they’d recognise my picture.  We mine, we build, we make money.  When I found them, they’d just come out of a faction war that was sparked off by their “frenemies” trying to pull the old Guiding Hand gambit on them.  Nice to know that once something is done well in New Eden, there will be a dozen copy-cats trying and failing to do it better.

Off-record, I also work for a man named Sam, whom I met working for a mutual friend of ours.  My miner friends don’t know it (crap, now they do), but I’m using them to cover my tracks, to keep my reputation untarnished.  We do odd jobs for people: intelligence gathering, infiltration, reconnaisance.  We don’t do Direct Assaults, so don’t ask.  If you want to hire me, you need to talk to Sam first.  I might even let you know how to reach him, if you ask nicely enough… and you make it worth my while  ; )

It’s not easy being a lone wolf, and sometimes it feels more like ‘lonely wolf’.  I’m writing this blog to share my stories with the net, so that I can at least feel like somebody cares, feel like somebody knows what it’s like being me.

You can call me Hatchet.