Life in the Space Lane

Licence Expiration

Okay, I’m going to come clean with you guys and gals.  My Pilot License expires on the 15th of November, and due to certain financial restrictions I am unable to renew.  If I even get any time in-universe in the next ten days, I will be unable to mine enough minerals or build and sell enough gear to buy a PLEX on the open market.  So, for the first time in the better part of a year, my account will lapse into inactivity.

I won’t lie, I’m sweating bullets.  I’m having kittens.  I am actually rather worried, not so much about letting it lapse, but more about how I’ll go about reactivating once I have the real-world capital to buy a GTC or two.  I’m sure the process itself is straightforward enough, but it’s still got my knickers in a bit of a knot.

I’m also kind of glad, paradoxically, because letting the account deactivate should stop the nagging feeling that I’m wasting money on something that I don’t get a chance to use much at the moment.

Anyway, if I can stop fretting aloud long enough to get to the point, I won’t be very active in-universe for a little while.  Obviously, I’ll continue to run this blog and my Twitter account, and I’ll check EVE Gate regularly for any mail.  If you want to send messages longer than 140 characters, of course, you can always post on the Hatchet Express page on Facebook.  If you’re really sneaky, you can even send a message to my Facebook account or add me as a friend.  No pressure, of course, but if I think I know you I’m not about to turn you away.  I love staying in contact with people, including you.  Yes, you.  So, get your silly little self down to the HX page, so that I can at least justify creating the stupid thing :D

I look forward to flying with you again soon, my comrades.

— Hatchet xo

P.S. Please don’t—I say again, do not—feel obliged to donate cash or ISK or PLEX.  Like I said, I kind of need this little break from the actual game itself, even though I’ll stay active in this crazy sort of meta-universe we’ve built; the blog pack and the Tweetfleet.  — H


One response

  1. Mara Rinn

    There is a facility in account management to reactivate for four hours. If you do not resubscribe in that time the facility cannot be used again. Don’t worry, CCP will make sure that resubscribing is as easy as possible!

    November 7, 2011 at 11:23 am

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