Life in the Space Lane

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Village Idiot has Returned.

I’m back.  Didn’t mean to have to take a surprise week off from the Express, but that happens.  Doesn’t matter, I’m back again, so we can quickly pick up where we left off.  If I may quote myself briefly:

I have a feeling that this will come back to bite me right in the tush, but I’ve decided to do a serialized story with a new section posted each week, despite previous experience telling me that that’s such a freaking dumb move.

… a-yup.  So, I dun’ goofed.  I knew starting that story would cause trouble.  I honestly haven’t been able to work on it at all, so Part II is about 3/4 finished and not even polished.  I haven’t even fully plotted out a large chunk of the middle of the story, though beginning and end are already known.

I have no idea how long this story is gonna run, but seeing as I have plenty other projects [sic] on the boil (like I said, this is a really stupid move on my part), I doubt it will run much more than ten or fifteen mini-chapters long.

That part still holds true.  I have no idea exactly how long it will run.  I have still got plenty of other projects in my ‘WIP’ folder.  This is still a really stupid move on my part; starting yet another serialized online story when I haven’t even halfway finished the one that’s already 60,000 words long and a novel in its own right.

Anyway, all facepalming aside, as the title says I’m back on the netterwebs and I’m going to get down to posting anecdotes and fiction and my “Idiot’s Guide to Eve News” version of current events.  Cominatcha.

— Hatchet xoxo


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